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(Credit: Columbia Pictures)


Brad Pitt tells Leonardo DiCaprio during his Golden Globes acceptance speech: "I would've shared the raft"

Last night saw Brad Pitt win Best Supporting Actor award for his brilliant role as Cliff Booth in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. During his speech, he gave thanks to his co-star Leonardo DiCaprio and waded in on an age-old debate.

Since DiCaprio first shot to mega-stardom with his role as Jack in the 1997 epic Titanic fans have argued whether or not Rose, played by Kate Winslet, could’ve made room for poor old Jack on the raft on which she found eventual safety.

Most would agree that the raft/door had ample space to hold both of the characters and now it seems that even Brad Pitt is in agreement. As during his speech, accepting the award, Pitt gave a not-so-subtle nod to the one he calls “LDC”.

“I also have to thank my partner in crime, LDC,” he says, “Before The Revenant, I used to watch year after year, his co-stars win awards and get up and thank him profusely and I now know why.”

“He’s an all star, he’s a gent. I wouldn’t be here without you, man.” He added: ‘I thank you. But still… I would’ve shared the raft.”.

Pitt beat out some incredibly tough competition for the award, besting Tom Hanks, Joe Pesci, Al Pacino and Sir Anthony Hopkins for the award.