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Goddam Nobody premieres new single ‘Dead Beat’


The move from Cornwall to London is something that could’ve added a huge palate of grey to the sunny sound of Goddam Nobody (aka Matthew Oliver), but as he proves with his newest album, the music has only been enhanced by this relocation.

The sound falls somewhere between Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Growlers and Ride, and with it right in the middle of a healthy pocket of brilliance. Lackadaisical and hazy ‘Dead Beat’ which we are very pleased to present for the first time, is a charming and slowly swinging teaser of the new EP of the same name.

The track, much like the EP, borrows from present and past effortlessly. Without taking too much from the clearly retro sound, Goddam Nobody manages to add a lusciousness to his sound that is sometimes lost with the current analogue trend. This is no revivalist stuff, this is all new.

‘Dead Beat’ feels timeless yet still as fresh as a daisy, with the EP out in February via Superfan 99, this daisy will be all the Spring you need.