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God damn, here comes Yak with ‘Heavens Above’


Hallelujah (yes, we will stop the theological puns now)! Yak have a new song for us. It’s the last taste of the band before they go back in to the studio to work on album number 2.

Billed as a double-single with b-side ‘Semi-Automatic’ the new release will come via Octopus Electrical Records on October 28th. But in the meantime enjoy the heavy hitting ‘Heaven’s Above’. It is typically Yak. Punches for days and the type of bruising that only champion boxers leave.

“In-between touring in August we managed to squeeze a day in the studio with Mr Mackey and put down 4 tracks that we had written on the road,” explained Oli, the band’s frontman. “‘Heavens Above’ and ‘Semi-Automatic’ are a result of that session and will be the last thing we release before disappearing and getting ready to record the next record. Both tracks are a simple and direct response to what is current and what we have seen, read and been part of over the period since the band started touring”

Take a listen below.