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Goat Give Us New Single 'It's Time For Fun'


Following on from their incredible set at Glastonbury a few weeks back (You can watch it in full hereGoat, the Swedish Psyche aficionados are back with some more distortion for your cerebral cortex. ‘It’s Time For Fun’ however, channels a more 80’s now wave style amid fuzzy synths and heavy basslines.

The band spent the winter months following release of Commune saw the band retreat to their Scandinavian village to work on new material. ‘it’s Time For Fun’ is the first tree of work to bear fruit. Released as a limited edition 7” via Rocket Recordings (via Sub-Pop in US) is bound to get collector’s clawing at each other’s faces as each of the labels release is different.

As ever with Goat, it’s not about describing how good it is, it really is all about the listening.

So wrap your ears around this.