Goat Girl take off on video for 'Crow Cries'


South London grot-belles Goat Girl have long been championed as ‘ones to watch’, that title that is probably bestowed on every single band in the land at some point in their career. The difference with Goat Girl is that they are actually worth watching. ‘Crow Cries’ the brand new track was testament to tat and the video just bangs te nail in the coffin.

The track is part of a double a-side release which comes out today and is sure ot find its way to the playlist of the coolest partie sin the capital. It is raw and unadulterated, emotional and emotive – it’s a bit blood special. The video is similar in grandeur.

Clottie Cream, of the band, said when speaking to DIY magazine “The video itself was shot in a day with us all following bird man each equipped with a different kind of camera, making it feel as though we were in an episode of ‘Black Mirror’. This allowed us to capture his random, sporadic movements which we used to create a sense of voyeurism in watching the evolution of man to bird, and for this change to seem strange and unnatural.”

“It’s as though throughout the video you never fully understand the mans purpose, catching mere glimpses of his face when the camera follows him down roads and alleys. The point at which we start to see more of him is when he reaches his lair where he finds comfort in his belongings, like hanging bottles with birds foetuses and a crown made of crows legs, this is the point at which his ultimate change takes place. We wanted bird man to play off his weird surroundings alike other characters, such as Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs, that inspired our set design. As his inner bird takes over, just like Bill’s skin suit, bird man places his feathered outfit over his normal attire and rolls around in a cage of feathers, relishing in his ultimate state as crow.”