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Goat Girl give us new track 'Throw Me A Bone'


“If you throw me a bone, I will throw back a sharp stone”. This is how the latest single from Goat Girl starts and it sets the mood for what is the sound of Goat Girl’s marauding latest effort from their self-titled debut LP.

The new album is due out on April 6th and the band have followed the release of ‘The Man’ with ‘Throw Me A Bone’ – a far moodier affair. The track clocks in at only just over 2 minutes long and sees an atmospheric approach employed rather than a frenetic number.

It’s guitars move away from the distorted fuzz we usually get from Goat Girl, and instead what we have is something restrained, menacing and entirely enveloping. It bodes well for the forthcoming LP and also for the huge run of shows that have coming next month.

You can listen to the track below with the tour dates below that.