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Go and Stream METZ's LP 'II' Now

Toronto band Metz came to our attention with their first visceral and dissonant self-titled debut LP. They have since returned with II which looks to have only upped the ante and made Metz a band not to be fucked with.

Available right now to stream over on NPR the album has a serious point to prove and looks all the more capable of doing it with every listen. If you think of the Metz as you standard pie and mash. We all love pe and mash; it’s filling, it has some serious bite and is full of meat. The new album is a more refined steak.

All the same taste just re-structured and cultured to create a meal fit for a king. Metz look happy to grow up and bring their music with them as they continue to warp their own vision of punk. For us, it’s a sight for sore eyes.

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Track Listing: 

The Swimmer
Spit You Out
Nervous System
Wait in Line
Eyes Peeled
Kicking a Can of Worms