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(Credit: Wikimedia / Press)


Glasvegas are working on their first new music in seven years

Scottish rock band Glasvegas are, somewhat surprisingly, gearing up for a return to the fold.

The band, who famously formed in Glasgow in 2003 and earned national acclaimed in 2008, released three studio albums before entering a prolonged period of hiatus in 2013.

With the band’s last music coming in the shape of Later…When The TV Turns To Static some seven years ago, fans had assumed that Glasvegas had slipped away never to be seen again. Now though, frontman James Allan has announced his intention to get back into the studio.

“It’s been 7 years since we released new music so, yeah, I guess an explanation why is overdue,” the musician stated in a post on social media.

“I made the decision to record, engineer and produce our latest album free of any outside assistance, which for the bands momentum maybe didn’t seem like the safest path or on paper the most logical idea. But I couldn’t help listening to where my heart was telling me to go.

“The choice was not random. Nothing is random. It all has to relate in a total kinda way. So with the band’s blessing/support, we began.”

See the full statement, below.