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Glastonbury Special: The 10 best vinyl deals available on Amazon this week

Hello and welcome back to Far Out’s weekly vinyl corner feature. We’re holding a Glastonbury special this week to celebrate the biggest British music event on the calendar. As you might have guessed, our ten selections for this week have been limited to the confines of the 2022 Glastonbury lineup. 

The return to luscious vinyl records has been on a steady climb since MP3 downloads and streaming services came into the picture in the late 2000s. While the weightless, highly accessible and practical format is great for discovering and consuming lots of new music while you’re out and about, there’s nothing like coming home from Glastonbury exhausted, smelly and a little fragile to a bit of vinyl.

Over the past decade, music lovers have unanimously agreed that if there’s an album or artist you love, streaming platforms won’t cut the mustard. The sound quality of vinyl brings something more hearty with its analogue warmth and crisp definition – there really is no worthy substitute.

As you’re here, I’ll assume you, too, are an analogue advocate. Let’s have a scroll through our ten hot picks for the week. Today, fresh from the Glastonbury lineup, we have some modern essentials from the likes of Big Thief and Arlo Parks, as well as some absolute classics from Paul McCartney and The Jesus and Mary Chain

The following selections have been handpicked by Far Out Magazine and, as a result, we may earn from qualifying purchases.

The 10 best vinyl deals available on Amazon this week:

Paul McCartney – McCartney II

Having just turned 80, The former Beatles multi-instrumentalist and co-songwriter Paul McCartney has rightfully stolen the show at Glastonbury 2022. Marking history as the oldest person to ever headline the festival’s famed Pyramid Stage, McCartney promises to make this a year we won’t forget. 

I could have chosen any of his fantastic selection of post-Beatles albums to open today’s column, but this one just stands out for me. McCartney II is such a versatile album; you can whip it out for a dance to ‘Coming Up’, get lost in the avant-garde oddity of ‘Temporary Secretary’, or chill out in the tranquil ether of ‘Waterfall’. 

Available for purchase here for £22.36.

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The Libertines –  The Libertines

The Libertines (2004) remains the band’s masterpiece to this day, with many heralding it as one of the finest indie records of the 2000s. In 2004, former co-frontman of The Clash sang praises for the LP in an interview with The Observer: “A future classic – believe. All-time great.”

Jones’ statement stood the test of time, and the album now stands proud as an icon of its era. With Pete Doherty and co. back together for Glastonbury this year, Why not celebrate with their masterpiece, which includes hits like ‘Can’t Stand Me Now’, ‘Music When The Lights Go Out’ and ‘What Katie Did’.

Available for purchase here for £24.99.

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Just Mustard – Heart Under

Heart Under, Irish band Just Mustard’s second album, is an unmitigated beauty and easily one of the best albums of the year so far. At every turn, this remarkable record reconfigures and stretches the ideas and ambition of a rock band, and turns a year of lockdown and personal struggles into a breathtaking artistic statement. 

The dark, atmospheric and industrial noise-rock sound comes as something unique, falling somewhere between Bauhaus and My Bloody Valentine. The album was released on May 27th and has been given rave reviews over the past few weeks as something truly original with a fine balance exploring a range of moods and themes over its 45 minutes. 

Available for purchase here for £19.19.

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The Jesus and Mary Chain – Psychocandy

Scottish rock pioneers The Jesus and Mary Chain were one of the most underrated groups of their time but have since become cult heroes with an immortal legacy comparable to that of The Velvet Underground. They hit an early creative peak with the release of their debut album Psychocandy in 1985. 

The landmark album opens with the band’s most iconic classic, ‘Just Like Honey’ and elsewhere it boasts post-punk classics like ‘The Hardest Walk’, ‘Taste of Cindy’ and ‘Cut Dead’. If you’re partial to a bit of shoegaze or noise-rock, look no further – this is where it all started. 

Available for purchase here for £33.34.

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Jamie T – Panic Prevention

English indie rock singer-songwriter Jamie T originally released this Mercury Prize-nominated masterpiece in 2007. The debut LP is so-called because of the panic attacks Jamie suffered as an adolescent. ’00s classics don’t get much more classic than this. 

Most of the songs on the album deal with aspects of modern ‘youth’ culture in the UK, and as such have been strongly compared to the works of The Streets, Lily Allen and The Libertines. Unfortunately, Jamie T’s set at Glastonbury this year clashes with that of Sir Paul McCartney, so you may have a difficult decision to make. Still, you can make an easy decision here.

Available for purchase here for £29.80.

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Squid – Bright Green Field

Brighton band Squid tapped into the raw and unyielding power of punk and made it a beast of their own in the 2021 debut LP Bright Green Field. Their unique sound mixes a diverse range of genres, most notably krautrock, with notes of jazz and funk that at times reminds me of Talking Heads’ early work.

Containing hits like ‘Narrator’, ‘G.S.K.’ and ‘Paddling’, the album shows that it can explore new ground without losing accessibility. Bright Green Field is a must-have for any post-punk fans out there and a must-see at this year’s Glastonbury festival. 

Available for purchase here for £23.99.

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Arlo Parks – Collapsed In Sunbeams [limited edition]

London-based musician and poet Arlo Parks released her highly anticipated debut record back in 2020. Speaking about Collapsed In Sunbeams, Arlo said: “My album is a series of vignettes and intimate portraits surrounding my adolescence and the people that shaped it. It is rooted in storytelling and nostalgia – I want it to feel both universal and hyper-specific.”

This is the wonderful beginning of what promises to be a long and illustrious career in music for the young creative. The album boasts some of Parks’ most beloved hits, including ‘Too Good’, ‘Eugine’ and ‘Hope’. 

Available for purchase here for £19.99.

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Big Thief – U.F.O.F.

U.F.O.F., with the last F standing for ‘Friend’, is the name of the highly praised third album by Big Thief. The songs represent emotional bravery and a realness that weaves intimate relationships with the listener, a phenomenon that has made them one of the most widely-respected bands on the modern indie scene.

Since 2019’s U.F.O.F. Big Thief have released two further spellbinding albums but it’s impossible not to find oneself returning to this work of art with its highlights including ‘Cattails’, ‘UFOF’, ‘Orange’ and ‘Strange’.

Available for purchase here for £19.99.

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Noel Gallagher – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

In 2011, former Oasis mastermind Noel Gallagher kicked off his post-Oasis endeavours with style. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’ eponymous release shows the anthem churning hitmaker continuing his successful formula with evocative lyrics and punchy instrumentals.

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds is home to a bounty of Noel’s solo highlights, including ‘If I Had A Gun…’, ‘AKA… What A Life!’, ‘The Death Of You And Me’, and ‘AKA… Broken Arrow’. Doubtless, Noel will be digging deep to play some of these modern classics during his Glastonbury set this weekend.

Available for purchase here for £19.13.

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Kendrick Lamar – untitled unmastered. [limited edition]

Seeing out this year’s Glastonbury festival, with a Sunday headline set on the Pyramid Stage, is the Californian rapper and producer Kendrick Lamar. This 2016 compilation draws together so much of Lamar’s personality and skill into one package. untitled unmastered. features studio versions of the untitled songs Kendrick performed on The Colbert Report, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and his performance at the 58th annual Grammy Awards show. 

The previously unreleased demos originated during the recording of Lamar’s 2015 album, To Pimp a Butterfly, and continue his exploration of politically-charged and psychological themes, as well as experimenting with free jazz, soul, avant-garde, and funk styles.

Available for purchase here for £20.31.

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