(Credit: Wiki Commons)

Glastonbury Festival announces Diana Ross for Sunday's 'Legends Slot'


Today we wake up to the first of many Glastonbury Festival 2020 announcements. The festival organisers took to Twitter today to share that the iconic Diana Ross will perform at the now-famous Sunday ‘Legends Slot’.

The slot was being widely touted as Fleetwood Mac’s this year but there will be a massive delight at the idea of Ms. Ross taking to the stage in June of 2020. The slot in the past may well have been an undesirable spot for major acts, it now represents a collective and welcomed moment of unity for the festival. Notable recent acts like Kylie Minogue and Dolly Parton have made their special slot their own and been a ‘Glastonbury Moment’ for all who saw them.

As the lineup continues to encourage rumours and speculation we’re glad that at least one of the headlining slots is filled and filled by an understandably unique and incredible artist.

Look below at Glastonbury’s announcement and below that see ‘Ms. Ross’ excitement at performing at the world’s most famous music festival.