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Glastonbury Festival announce ‘food for a fiver’ scheme for 2017

There’s nothing quite like waking up hungover in a sweaty tent covered in mud and regret before heading to the nearest food stall to force down an obscenely overpriced breakfast is there?

We know that food will make you feel better. We know that you’re not going to waste any of the breakfast roll that you’ve forked out ten quid for, even if it bloody well kills you.

Well, in a move to make the festival a little more affordable to the average Joe’s like you and I, Glastonbury have announced the quite wonderful ‘food for a fiver’ plan to help enough people line their stomachs.

“Glastonbury Festival has over 500 food traders on site offering an array of exciting eats for Festival-goers and crews,” said Glastonbury in a statement. “The choices are endless with a variety of delicious, world cuisine available across the site. Whether you fancy eating Vietnamese, Italian, Indian, Caribbean, Turkish, or go looking for pies, burgers or a good old fashioned bacon sandwich, there is loads to choose from. There are also a large number of vegetarian and vegan stalls and specific dietary requirements can be catered for by a number of traders.”

“Participating traders will display a Food for a Fiver sticker and information on their menu board.”

Wonderful news.