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Glastonbury 2017: Jeremy Corbyn's impassioned speech pulls in astonishingly large crowd


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn pulled in one of the biggest crowds at the iconic Pyramid Stage when he delivered his passionate speech during Glastonbury 2017.

Corbym, who was introduced by event founder Michael Eavis, urged Donald Trump to build ‘bridges not walls’, slammed Theresa May and hailed the young voters who backed his election campaign.

“Michael, you brought the spirit of music, of love, of ideas, and of great messages,” he said, giving Eavis a copy of the Labour manifesto.

“And if you see that far,” he said to the crowd, “look at the wall that surrounds this festival. There’s a message for president Donald Trump. You know what it says? Build bridges, not walls.” The cheering erupted again.

“Politics is actually about everyday life. It’s about all of us: what we dream, what we want, what we achieve and what we want for everybody else,” he continued.

“The commentariat got it wrong, the elites got it wrong. Politics is about the lives of all of us. The wonderful campaign I was a part of and led, brought people back to politics because they believed there was something on offer for them,” the 68-year-old rallied.

“What was even more inspiring was the number of young people who got involved for the very first time because they were fed up with being told they don’t matter and that their generation was going to pay more to get less in education, housing, health, pensions and everything else.

“Well, it didn’t quite work out like that and that politics that got out of the box, is not going back in any box because we are there demanding an achievement of something very different in our society.”

“Is it right that so many people in our country have no home to live in and only a street to sleep on?

“Is it right so many people are frightened of where they live at the moment having seen the horrors of Grenfell Tower?

“Is it right that so many people live in such poverty in a society which has such riches? No it obviously isn’t.”

Organiser Michael Eavis, who invited Mr Corbyn to take to the Pyramid Stage, said: “At last we have a leader to put in place all the issues we’ve been campaigning for for 40 years”.