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Glassjaw reveal first album in 15 years


Glassjaw have announced their surprise new album Material Control, the Long Island alternative band’s first LP in 15 years since 2002’s Worship and Tribute.

The American post-hardcore group’s third LP will be available for fans in less than one week with a December 1st release date.

Glassjaw also unveiled the first sampling from the Material Control, the powerful “Shira” which the band previously debuted live during their 2016 tour.

It will be two years to the day on December 1st since the band premiered the opener to Material Control ‘New White Extremity’ on their Soundcloud page.

Glassjaw’s website shows they are offering a handful of unique Material Control bundles, including one that will allow New York fans to get a tattoo with the group or see Glassjaw perform in a tiny Brooklyn venue on release day. Other more traditional offers include a t-shirt/”dad hat” bundle as well as the album on compact disc or digital download.

The full track list can be seen below:

1. “New White Extremity”
2. “Shira”
3. “11 Days”
4. “Golgotha”
5. “Pretty Hell”
6. “Bastille Day”
7. “Pompeii”
8. “Bibleland”
9. “Closer”
10. “My Conscience Weighs A Ton”
11. “Material Control”
12. “Cut And Run”