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Glass Animals indulge Joey Bada$$ on 'Lose Control'


Things we didn’t think we would be saying today… check out the new track from Glass Animals and hyped hip-hop Brooklynite Joey Bada$$. Well, we have said it now so you better open your lugholes and get ready for some trippy hip hop in ‘Lose Control’.

Peppered with Bada$$ heavy delivery the ethereal backing track gentle reminds us of Glass Animals class and astute control of sonics. Adding reverence to Bada$$ is no mean feat and the rapper replies in kind with some of the best lyrics with heard from him.

It’s sleazy yet cultured, like an ASBO oyster.

Frontman Dave Bayley says:

“I got hold of Joey’s mixtape back in 2012 and was hooked. A couple months ago I heard he was into Glass Animals so I got in touch, and when I was in Brooklyn he came by the studio one night. We’re both addicted to red vitamin water so we picked some up. Then I ordered some dumplings. Then I started playing him some sounds. Within an hour we had the beat and he was like “I’m ready.” He got into the booth and put down pretty much the entire thing in one foul swoop…dude is so talented. Then I hopped in and did my bit. Then I ate my dumplings. Hopefully we’re gonna do some more stuff together at some point”.

Joey Bada$$ says:

“We were in New York and the session that was supposed to start at 11am, actually started at 11pm. I fuck with Dave heavy – we understood each other’s vibe straight away and worked through the night to create this fire. Nobody got hurt.”

With ‘Lose Control’ out now, you should check this track before your friends hear it.