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Girlpool share new two new songs 'Where You Sink' & 'Lucy's'


We love Girlpool. There we said it. The band have always managed to tow the line between grit and heartfelt dream-pop. It’s this line that they so elegantly walk across on their two new songs ‘Where You Sink’ and ‘Lucy’s’.

Cleo and Harmony, aka Girlpool, are a creative pair. Not set with just being one of the cooler band son the circuit, the pair also creates outside of Girlpool on their own projects. Fitting then that this Track of the Day double-header features two tracks which were spawned in their solo sound but brought together by Girlpool.

First track ‘Where You Sink’ is a gleaming dream-pop number in places but then punctuated with gutsy guitar and some more drawn out vocals in others. All in all it’s a Girlpool track form start to finish.

Harmony wrote on NPR: “‘Where You Sink’ explores our fixations on characters in our lives and the projections we create. It explores our natural human desire to be made special by another. I wrote it when I found myself looking at one person from various angles (emotionally); I found them to be beautiful in toxic but charismatic ways. It’s about loving someone who you don’t really have the chance to get to know fully because their time is spent trying to get out of their head, further from reality. It explores the complications of trying to get close to someone who ultimately wants to be far from themselves.”

The other side of this Track of the Day coin is ‘Lucy’s’ which deals with re-visiting a “stubborn” past relationship. It is wonderfully unabashed and punchy as you like.

Cleo said: “I wrote ‘Lucy’s’ a couple of years ago to sort through some droning thoughts about hope, distraction and love. “I swear I’ll be all right / Although (you) are in the sky,” continues to resonate. These lyrics distinguish a time when my partner would check out from our relationship. I reassured myself that even when they were not present, and I was, that I would be all right. I was hopeful that my partner would find resolve from their struggles, which stifled their capacity to provide the kind of care and attention that I needed. I practiced nurture, and I hoped that they would find the ambition that I saw in them.”

Two tracks to get your heart pumping and the mouth salivating that there may yet be a new album to follow their recent record Powerplant. For now, sit back and enjoy.