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Girlpool give us a taste of the new album with ‘123’

Girlpool are fairly well loved across the board at Far Out Magazine. There is something truly unique about the band, whether it is their carefully chosen and dissected content or their ability to make the listener feel comforted and in control regardless of what they face. It’s empowering stuff. ‘123’ shows Cleo and Harmony are still always welcome at Far Out as this new track feels more Girlpool than Girlpool in a pool of girls singing Girlpool.

The track feels DIY and utterly charming and is mirrored with Nick Rattigan’s video which runs alongside the new release. It yearns and burns but still feels authentic, something which Girlpool have turned into an art form. The ability to feel authentic and fight superficiality in all its forms is a permanent project.

Powerplant  the upcoming album will be released on Anti- and judging by its opener we are hoping for more of the same from the Girlpool: jarring, honest, vulnerable and powerful – just how we like it.