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Girl Ray get all friendly on ‘Don’t Go Back At Ten’

With their debut LP Earl Grey on its way in August and the two releases from the album already being eagerly enjoyed by all who are lucky to hear them, Girl Ray have got a lot going for them. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t subject to the same pitfalls of love we all are.

The new track is at once a bit of a heartbreaker and a cockle-warmer. Poppy Hnakin said of the song “After a break-up I was super low, and as clichéd and teen-movie as it sounds, it was truly my friends who got me through it, making sure that I didn’t just mope about the whole time eating pots of cottage cheese and crying. I guess I wrote this one to cheer myself up in a way. Not many of the songs on the album are happy but this one is, kinda!”

One thing is for sure a song about the fallout from a break-up has never sounded so sweet.

The band also have some tour dates to looks forward to, which you can find below.

30/10 Liverpool, Liverpool Music Week
31/10 Leeds, Headrow House

01/11 Manchester, Gullivers
02/11 Glasgow, Broadcast
03/11 Newcastle, Think Tank Underground
05/11 Birmingham, Hare & Hounds
06/11 Oxford, The Cellar
07/11 Bristol, Louisiana
08/11 Brighton, Green Door Store
09/11 London, Scala