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Girl Ray bring the period drama back for ‘Preacher’ video


After bringing us the winning news of their debut album  Earl Grey being released later this year, Girl Ray have now added their second installment of a trilogy of period videos to accompany their track ‘Preacher’.

Iris McConnell says “It follows the story of a lowly servant (played by professional actor Michael O’ Malley) who succumbs to his deepest desires, losing everything in the process. Get out ur Kleenex! We didn’t intend for it to be this moving, our apologies. Nettles of the Parish 2 also stars heartthrob Alex Parish, who some of you may remember, and Dame Jane Hankin.”

The bold idea for creating a period drama inside three music videos speaks of the bands artistry and forethought, something which impressed director Alex Cantouris who said “I have so much respect for the band for coming up with such a bold idea – and I’m sure the fans will enjoy the nail-biting tension of the video as the plot unfolds…”