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The Girl In Red from 'Schindler's List' is aiding Ukrainian refugees


Some 28 years after she appeared in Schindler’s List, the girl in the red coat has donned a yellow vest. Olivia Dabrowska was four years old when she appeared in Steven Speilberg’s 1994 Holocaust drama. Today, the 32-year-old copywriter living in Poland is a source of hope for Ukrainian refugees crossing the border.

Writing in a plea for financial assistance, Dabrowska said: “I can’t tell you everything I saw there, because I don’t have right words in my mind,” she wrote in a request for financial assistance. “Nobody, who have never seen this, can’t imagine this nightmare in eyes of those people.”

She arrived on the border on March 13th, shortly after Russia bombed the Ukrainian city of Yavoriv. “Only 20 kilometres from Poland,” she wrote. “So close! I’m scared, but that only motivates me more to help refugees.” Dabrowska also expressed her concern for the many young children forced to flee their homes: “Those kids… my God, I can barely hold back my tears.”

Two days later, on April 15th, she unveiled a foreign currency account and began asking for donations for the Ukrainian refugees. “I have named this charity event #HopeForUkraine, because the thing we need the most at the moment is hope,” she concluded.

Dabrowska’s character in Schindler’s List was a splash of colour in a monochrome world – a symbol not only of the bloodshed bought about by the Nazis but of the possibility of a new dawn.

Speaking about the presence of the girl in the red coat in Richard Schickel’s Steven Spielberg: A Retrospective, the director explained: “It was as obvious as a little girl wearing a red coat, walking down the street, and yet nothing was done to bomb the German rail lines. Nothing was being done to slow down… the annihilation of European Jewry. So that was my message in letting that scene be in colour.”