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(Credit: Gilla Band)


Girl Band apologise for misgendering and change their name


The Irish post-punk band formerly known as Girl Band have decided to change their name and apologise for any distress caused by their previously misgendered name. 

The band known for tracks like ‘Paul’ and ‘Lawman’ issued a statement on their social media accounts and website delineating the reason behind the switch. 

“We will no longer be performing or releasing records under the name Girl Band,” their message began. “We apologise for choosing a misgendering name in the first place and to anyone who has been hurt or affected by it.” The full statement can be read below. 

The band have now chosen to perform under the name Gilla Band honouring their Irish heritage. The switch has been made with immediate effect and currently, all of their accounts and music platforms are switching over. 

The band had previously been performing under the name Girl Band since 2012, releasing their debut single ‘In My Head’ under the moniker. However, due to a great understanding of gender issues, they have decided that the time was right to weigh up the potential for offence against a simple name change and made the transition. 

The band are set to perform for the first time under the new Gilla Band title for the first time for a run of shows in January in Dublin.