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(Credit: Andy Witchger)


Giorgio Moroder's 'Scarface' score gets a limited edition release

The iconic score for Brian De Palma’s 1983 epic Scarface has just been released by La-La Land Records and Universal Pictures as an expanded, limited-edition 2-CD set. 

Famously, the music, which was composed by Italian master Giorgio Moroder, is hailed as one of the best of all time, and amongst the very best he ever crafted. A masterclass in synthesiser-led atmosphere, even some 39 years later it is still as affecting as it was upon release. Notably, Moroder was specifically hired by De Palma, as at the time, he was revered as the pioneer of European disco, and that year he showed confirmed to everyone his prowess by also composing the timeless score for Flashdance.

The new edition of the score has been limited to 5000 units at $29.98 (£24.51) retail price. La-La Land Records, which specialises in film and television soundtracks has compiled the film score on Disc One, and have included “the original mix of the 1983 Soundtrack Album, showcasing the film’s songs by Deborah Harry, Elizabeth Daily, Paul Engemann, Amy Holland and more” on Disc Two. 

This new set also includes bonus tracks and extended editions as well as “in-depth liner notes by writer Tim Greiving and sharp art direction by Dan Goldwasser.”

Moroder’s use of synthesisers has been credited with elevating Scarface to a different level, as he blends in rock and disco to create a dynamic score that moves along with the breakneck pace of the film’s plot. He collaborated with Arthur Barrow, Sylvester Levay, and Kristian Schultze to bring the score to life. 

Moroder received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Original Score, and since then, we’ve seen cuts from it sampled across popular music. The most prominent instance has to be Kanye West sampling ‘Tony’s Theme’ for ‘Mercy’ from Cruel Summer

Watch the trailer for Scarface below.

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