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(Credit: Martin Kraft)


Gillian Anderson reveals her favourite on-screen role

Since Gillian Anderson’s breakout role in The X-Files as Special Agent Dana Scully, she has given us countless other memorable performances. These include Margaret Thatcher in the fourth season of The Crown, Jean Milburn in Sex Education, and Miss Havisham in the 2011 adaptation of Great Expectations

Her talent is not limited to screen, either. Anderson has also received numerous accolades for her work on the stage, in iconic works such as A Doll’s House and A Streetcar Named Desire. An accomplished thespian in every sense of the word, it is assured Anderson will continue to inspire with her dizzying array of character performances. 

However, in 2015, Anderson shocked audiences by revealing her favourite character that she has ever played. It may shock you that it was none of those listed above. Not even Special Agent Scully? Nope. In fact, Anderson’s favourite role is that of Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson from the hit BBC drama, The Fall.

Whilst filming the third series of The Fall, Anderson told the Press Association: “We’ve done a couple of weeks of filming already, it’s nice to be in her shoes again – it’s nice to be in her clothes again.” 

She explained why Gibson was her favourite part: “Partly that’s maybe where I am in my life and my age now, but I also feel like she’s quite unique and I still find her mysterious. I still am intrigued by her and want to see what her journey is. So that interests me.”

She then revealed to audiences that more would become clear about Gibson’s murky origin story: “There are bits and pieces, little things that are said that reveal a little bit about where she’s come from and what her life experience is… what brought her to be where she is today.” 

Anderson didn’t completely pass over fan-favourite Scully, though. The January following this contentious reveal, The X-Files made its long-awaited return to the small screen. 2016 saw the iconic show grace us with a six-episode run, with both Anderson and David Duchovny reprising their roles.

Surprisingly, Anderson shed some light on her thoughts towards her career-defining role: “I understand my ‘sci-fi cred’ as a result of it (The X-Files) and why I might be asked to do a ‘sci-fi’ audiobook because of that fact”.

She concluded, “But I think I’ve only actually come to terms in the last maybe two or three years, what a fan I am myself of sci-fi because I would have said not at all, I’m not interested in it, it’s something I did for a period of time… but actually there is a fan in there in me.”

Watch the trailer for The Fall, below.