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Gibson Guitar CEO Henry Juszkiewicz says declining quality claims is "fake news"


Gibson Guitar CEO Henry Juszkiewicz has rebuffed claims that Gibson Guitar’s quality has declined in recent years.

The company has been struggling financially for many years and with many surplus divisions of the brand being closed down, especially the ill-fated “consumer electronics” division Gibson Innovations, the company eventually filed for bankruptcy.

Juszkiewicz, who has been the CEO of Gibson since 1992 having acquired the company in 1986, knows all too well of the difficulties involved in retail, now more than ever before. Now, in a new interview with Guitarist Magazine, the company leader denied claims that their guitars have declined in quality in recent years: “Well, to quote some politicians, I would say that’s ‘fake news,’” Juszkiewicz said.

“It’s easy for people to troll on the internet, but you’re in the media and I think you’re probably more aware than most folks about the negativity that exists and, sometimes, the lack of truth in that negativity.”

Delving deeper yet, Juszkiewicz detailed the company’s 24/7 customer services and explained that hat less than seven per cent of calls the company receives is regarding an issue with a guitar: “Our quality today is better than it’s ever been, which is not to say that we’re perfect.”

“The second thing I would say is our sales are increasing; we are growing much faster than the industry is growing, and so that would be a good indicator that there are maybe a few satisfied people. So if we really made junk, then people wouldn’t buy it, especially at the price that we charge.”