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(Credit: Twitter)

Terrifying giant statue of baby Jesus looks exactly like Phil Collins


A Mexican church has “accidentally” created a 22-foot-tall baby Jesus statue which, terrifyingly, looks exactly Phil Collins.

The statue, which weighs 2000 pounds in total, travelled around 12 hours from the city of Chimalhuacán to the La EpifanÍa del Señor church in the central Mexican state of Zacatecas, was created by sculptor Roman Salvador.

According to the New York Post, the statue is made from fibreglass, resin, automotive paste and automotive paint and was commissioned by priest Humberto Rodriguez, who, incidentally, didn’t comment on the baby Jesus’ similarities to Genesis rocker Collins with its balding mullet hair.

“There is a space of between 26 feet between the ceiling and the floor and I ordered a statue measuring 21 feet, but I never intended to make it the biggest baby Jesus statue in the world,” the priest said of the statue.

Apparently Rodriguez has contacted Guinness World Records to submit the new statue in the hope of landing the “largest baby Jesus statue in the world” award.