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(Credit: Martin Ruffin)


Giant Party share poignant new single 'Loving Arms'

Giant Party 'Loving Arms'

Giant Party have shared their shimmering new single, ‘Loving Arms’. At once groove-laden and steeped in melancholia, this new offering sees the Basingstoke-based quartet weave a lush tapestry of analogue synths, falsetto vocals, and pulsating basslines – all of which add up to a slice of poignant electronica far greater than the sum of its parts.

Like the majority of Giant Party’s forthcoming debut, ‘Loving Arms’ is rooted in the recent tragedies experienced by brothers Al (vocals/guitar) and Tim Harrod (keyboard/vocals). After the death of three of their family members, including their estranged father, the brothers were forced to reckon with the insecurities his absence had caused all those years ago, while also being pushed to revisit their religious upbringing amid a wave of funerals.

The weight of these struggles could easily have crushed Giant Party, but instead, they motivated a period of rebirth – forcing the group to peel away layers of artifice and embrace a powerful new vulnerability. At a time when we are still living with the ghosts of the Covid-19 pandemic, ‘Loving Arms’ offers up a balm, a heal-all for a world in mourning.

As Al Harrod noted in a statement: “Everyone has a moment where they truly understand that life will come to an end and there is nothing they can do about it. I always thought I’d understood this early on, but it turns out I really hadn’t. It happened to me when I saw my Grandmother’s embalmed body at the funeral home. It was the first time that I truly stopped believing in the childhood-taught belief that we were all going to meet again.”

Giant Party have already earned airplay from the likes of Elton John and performed sold-out London shows at Oslo, The Lexington, and the Sebright Arms. With their debut album set for release this summer, it looks like we’ll be hearing a lot more of Giant Party in the coming months.