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(Credit: Jeremy Perez Photos)


"I felt like I was gonna die": Geto Boys member Scarface tests positive for coronavirus

Scarface, the rapper best known as a member of hip hop group Get Boys, has spoken how he feared for his life after contracting coronavirus.

Scarface, real name Brad Terrence Jordan, contracted the virus while doing his best to self-isolate and, as he felt the full force of COVD-19, he developed pneumonia in both of his lungs. “This whole three weeks has been an ordeal. It’s the craziest shit I’ve ever done and seen in my life,” Scarface said. “I’ve been to the point where I just felt like I was going to die.”

The ongoing pandemic of coronavirus disease was first officially identified in December 2019 in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei in China. As of March 27th, more than 540,847 cases of COVID-19 have been officially confirmed but the actual number is thought to be much higher due to substantial under-reporting of cases.

With more than 24,294 people having died from the virus, COVID-19 has now spread into more than 180 other countries—including mainland Europe, South America and North America. Given the exponential growth in cases in countries like Italy, Spain and the UK, the WHO have now stated that Europe was the current centre of the pandemic.

Scarface said: “I get in there, I’m freezing to death. They stick needles in my arm and start running me IVs [with] antibiotics through my veins. I couldn’t take it. Three or four bags a day.”

He added: “It started with pneumonia in both of my lungs. And three or four days later my kidneys failed. Three or four days after that they tell me I can’t move, I’m quarantined… I don’t see how nobody can even want to play them games, I don’t want to have fun that bad, where it could take my life.”

“Let me save your life, man: Don’t play no games with it,” he added before urging telling people to stay at home: “I stayed out the way and still got sick.”

See the interview, below.