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Credit: Lena Yu

Gerard Way has been confirmed to write the score for Kevin Smith's 'Clerks 3'


During an event to promote his new film Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, which hits cinemas next month, Kevin Smith confirmed that My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way will score his forthcoming film Clerks 3.

The maker of some of the most iconic cult flicks of the last few years, Smith has managed to convince the My Chemical Romance frontman to return to music following a lengthy hiatus. During that time Way has been concentrating on his comic book series The Umbrella Academy.

According to SlashFilm, Smith told a fan Q&A while promoting the latest hotly anticipated instalment of the Jay & Silent Bob series, that he had confirmed the singer to take charge of the score.

Way has worked with Kevin Smith before with the pair working together on the 2014 film Tusk with Way contributing a track to the film’s score. Way has also been involved with the music for Netflix’s adaptation of his comic book The Umbrella Academy but now he will have a hold of a full cinematic score. Exciting times.

In recent news, Gerard Way shared that he had started My Chemical Romance with the rest of the band to cope with the PTSD of 9/11. “So 9/11 happens, and I pick up the guitar again and I write ‘Skylines And Turnstiles’, and then I called Otter [Matt Pellissier, MCR drummer] and then I called Ray [Toro, guitarist], and we got Mikey [Way, MCR bassist] in – and we just started building this momentum,” Way commented.

“It became my therapy from the PTSD that everyone had experienced from 9/11, and processing that.”