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(Credit: Open Road Films)


Watch Gerard Butler hunt Frank Grillo in the trailer for 'Copshop'

Gerard Butler stars as a professional hitman named Viddick who enters into an unlikely conflict with a skilled con artist (played by Frank Grillo) and a rookie cop (Alexis Louder).

Scheduled to release in September of this year, the filming of the project mainly took place in New Mexico and Georgia. In an interview, Carnahan claimed that he was extremely proud of the production and that the distributors were excited about the film’s possibilities as well.

Carnahan said: “There’s an extraordinarily talented young actress named Alexis Louder, who had never headlined a film or been a lead, and she’s just remarkable, in every way, in this movie. She’s a movie star.

“It’s very heartening and very gratifying to see that happen, and to be part of the mechanism that can do that. Gerard Butler is dynamite in the movie. Toby Huss is an actor I’ve admired for many, many years, and I got to work with him.”

Adding, “We had a mutual friend of ours watch it and he said, ‘I think it’s my favourite Frank performance.’ He loved Boss Level, but Frank’s performance in Copshop was his favourite. It’s completely, totally different, which is great.

“What’s so fun about this job is that you can go out and do different things and try different things and experiment. I consider myself fortunate to be doing it, especially now. I’m extremely lucky to be doing it. When you do it like this, with people you love and respect, it’s a different level of gratification that I’m very fortunate to be able to experience.”