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(Credit: Jo Duck)


Georgia Maq drops new song and music video, 'Joe Rogan'

'Joe Rogan' - Georgia Maq

Camp Cope singer Georgia Maq has released the video for her second solo single for 2021, ‘Joe Rogan’, following her release of ‘Someone Stranger’ featuring Alice Ivy earlier this year. 

‘Joe Rogan’ is essentially about having bad choices in men, according to the singer, who quite eloquently executes the use of synth arpeggios alongside delicate harmonies to create this melancholic dream-pop track. The relatable song alludes to being stuck on a bad date with a Joe Rogan fan and narrates around the history of her bad choices in men, cheekily referencing the podcaster in this self-aware track. 

“Soon as I’m talking about my opinions, he tells me it turns him off, you can watch me leave,” are the empowering lyrics sang during verse prior to the vibrant and confident chorus. Maq revealed she recorded the song alone during the Melbourne lockdown and teased the track on Instagram earlier in August. 

When talking about the new material, the pop singer said: “I made this song alone in my house. It’s a burn on myself because of my historically bad taste. It’s a song about leaving a bad date because you realised you don’t have to sit around while some guy defends Joe Rogan and smokes a gatorade bong, it’s about a very… unique experience that isn’t actually that unique—I think it’s relatable”. ‘Joe Rogan’ comes partnered with a fitting music video produced by Tori Styles, and mainly features Maq in her house with projected videos of Rogan on her bedroom walls. 

Maq has had a busy last few years, releasing her debut solo album Pleaser in 2019, along with releasing ‘Blue’ with Camp Cope last month. Better yet, she is expected to headline a solo performance as part of Melbourne Music Week.  

Check out the video for ‘Joe Rogan’ below.