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(Credit: Massive Cinema / TIFF)


George Mackay opens up about forming a punk band with Earl Cave

Actor George Mackay is planning to release an EP with his new bandmate Earl Cave.

Earl Cave, the son of uncompromising Bad Seeds frontman Nick Cave, is starring alongside George Mackay in the upcoming film True History of the Kelly Gang directed by Justin Kurzel.

The film, based on Peter Carey’s novel of the same name, arrives as a “fictionalised account of the life of Australian bushranger Ned Kelly and his gang as they flee from authorities during the 1870s. It is ostensibly written by Kelly to his fictional daughter.”

Working in close proximity with one another, director Kurzel urged both Mackay and Cave to form a band as a fun side project aimed, predominantly, as a bonding experience to benefit their on-screen relationship.

“Justin [Kurzel] was just like ‘I see those boys in a punk band and I want you to form a band before rehearsals’,” Mackay said in a new interview with NME. “We had four weeks before we were all together for the shoot and he just said ‘I’ve booked you a gig in a bar in Melbourne. You need to come up with a name, and a set of songs to play a gig. That’s your challenge.’”

The bonding trip worked so well that the duo have continued to maintain their creative side project and hope to release some material in the coming months.

“We came through the film and we had this swagger of having made something and a gig that had gone well,” Mackay added. “We got this ‘fuck you’ attitude and we’d bonded after a couple of songs ended up in the film.”