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Michael Douglas' bizarre story about George Harrison, Bob Dylan, his big dog and a bowl of caviar


We’re dipping into the Far Out vault to revisit one of the more curious stories of rock and roll history as Michael Douglas was joined by The Beatles’ George Harrison and the freewheelin’ Bob Dylan to celebrate a Golden Globes win.

The acclaimed actor shared the story while appearing on BBC’s The One Show and it had us smiling from ear to ear as soon as we heard it.

Michael Douglas is an Oscar-winning actor with a lot of famous friends. The performer may well have a famous family and generally move in glittering circles, ther is likely one night that he will never forget, the night of the Golden Globes in 1987.

Douglas was staying at a hotel in Los Angeles as he prepared for the 1987 Golden Globes and walking through the lobby noticed one of his favourite musicians, George Harrison. Without time to stop and chat Douglas made his way to the awards ceremony. “I was coming out of the hotel to go to the Golden Globes, and there was George sitting there. I was like ‘wow’,” recalls Douglas to the hosts. He told the Beatle, “I’m such a fan of yours” before having to leave for the event.

After picking up the award for his performance as the iconic Gordon Gekko, Douglas returned to the hotel without fanfare or anybody to share his win with. He had been kept so long at the press junket following the event he was now without a party to celebrate. “By the time you go through the press and come out, everybody’s gone home.”

“I went back to the hotel, feeling a little pity and everything else. The phone rang, it’s like about 12 o’clock at night, [adopting a British accent] ‘Hello Michael, it’s George'” For many, this would be enough but it got better for Douglas. “Can me and my mate come by and say ‘hi’?” asked the former Beatle, “Yeah, yeah, come on by,” responded Douglas.

After a knock on the door “There’s George Harrison walks in with Bob Dylan.” The studio erupts with awe, “Bob Dylan has the biggest dog with him you’ve ever seen.” And then confusion. Why did Dylan have a giant dog with him, we’re not too sure but the image of it is wonderful.

Looking to celebrate, Douglas orders some caviar and lays it down in the middle of the table. By this point in the evening, Dylan has still not uttered a word. “I’m talking to George,” remembers Douglas “and this dog keeps walking across. Bob Dylan still hasn’t said anything. Next thing I know the dog smells the caviar and starts licking it all up.”

“I’m going ‘this is Bob Dylan’s dog eating all the caviar!’ Bob Dylan hadn’t said a word yet, the whole night. Finally, he looks over and says ‘far out, the dog loves caviar'”

You can watch Michael Douglas tell the story below but for our money, we’d rather keep it as one of the most ludicrous images of Hollywood weirdness we’ve ever conjured.