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(Credit: David Parker / Alamy)


George Harrison’s ‘All Things Must Pass’ recreated with giant garden gnomes


In lovely and ever-so-slightly terrifying gnome news (gnome gnews?), a gigantic garden gnome has taken over Chelsea’s Duke of York Square. Residents are advised to run screaming, collapse into hysterics, and pray that the oversized gnome doesn’t find them.

Actually, there’s no need to panic at all: the large gnome is part of a tribute to the late George Harrison and is pulling double duty as a promotional tool for the 50th-anniversary reissue of his legendary triple LP All Things Must Pass.

All Things Must Pass is technically Harrison’s third solo album after the experimental work of Wonderwall Music and Electronic Sounds, but All Things Must Pass is his first work of more traditional rock music, and his first release after the breakup of The Beatles, and as such is usually treated as his proper solo debut as a songwriter in his own right.

All Things Must Pass recently returned to the top ten album charts after its 50th anniversary reissue, which included a number of outtakes, demos, and previously unreleased materials from the legendary LP.

The large gnome in Chelsea is a tribute to Harrison’s fondness for nature and gardening, and is a replica of one of the gnomes featured on the album cover of All Things Must Pass. George’s son Dahni and wife Olivia contributed to the project, with Olivia commenting that the replica was “the most joyous thing I’ve ever seen” and that George would be “over the moon” at the sight of it.

There are other smaller gnomes that are spread out in strategic locations in London, including one at Abbey Road Studios. The main gnome in Chelsea will be on display until Friday, August 20.