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Geoffrey Rush set to play Groucho Marx in new film

Geoffrey Rush has delivered noteworthy performances in multiple projects, including the likes of Shine and Shakespeare in Love among many others. He is also known for playing notable icons of the 20th century such as the inimitable Peter Sellers as well as Albert Einstein. Rush has set his sights on a new portrayal of Groucho Marx now.

A brand new biopic has been confirmed about the legendary comedian Groucho Marx whose fabled wit established him as one of the pioneers of the field. The project is actually intended to be an adaptation of Steve Stoliar’s memoir ‘Raised Eyebrows: My Years Inside Groucho’s House’ and is also called Raised Eyebrows.

The film is set to be directed by Oren Moverman who actually worked on the screenplay with Stoliar. Set during the 1970s, Raised Eyebrows will star Charlie Plummer as Stoliar who receives an assignment to write about the life and times of Groucho was very old and weak at the time which enables him to delve deep into the subject.

“It’s a pleasure and an honour and a responsibility and probably something else to work with this amazing cast on a story I hope will reintroduce the genius of Groucho Marx in a new, provocative, entertaining way all these years later,” Moverman said in a statement. “Steve Stoliar has given the world incredible insight into a bygone era. Done right, we will screw it up royally.”

The production company’s CEO added: “Even in a world that tells us ‘never meet your idols,’ Steve’s friendship with Groucho Marx, while filled with moments of heartbreaking humanity, proved to be an overwhelmingly positive and life-changing experience for him – an essence we hope to capture for our audience.”