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Gengahr return with new track 'Carrion'

Welcome back Gengahr. We’ve missed you. It’s been two years since the release of their epic, and quite frankly brilliant album A Dream Outside and now they’ve marked the return with brand new song ‘Carrion’

The track has a glitter tinged edge, which marks the band out as having not only continued their coveted sound but also added to it. It’s a factor for the writing of LP 2 which they spoke of in their interview with DIY.

“‘Carrion’ is one of the hardest hitting tracks we have written, both musically and lyrically… The track is full of snark and bitterness, but also offers hope and triumph over the oppressive nature of the world we live in today.

“Born in part out of frustration, the song crashes on, an embodiment of the resilience we’ve found essential in getting to where we find ourselves now.”

They continued “We tried to do it ourselves the first time, really, as much as we could, and this time we’ve opted to get some really strong support in, that was important to us to grow and improve as a band – to take other people’s opinions on board more. It’s nice having two people who’ve made a lot of records, who both have their own strengths when it comes to putting together an album and use them, rather than just arrogantly assume we know what’s best for everything.”

Take a listen below and see why we are excited about this one.

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