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Credit: Jay Whitehead


Gengahr share the core of their evolution with new song 'Never A Low'


One of Far Out’s longtime favourites, Genaghr have today shared a brand new cut, ‘Never A Low’, from their new album Sanctuary which arrives at the end of the month. For now, ‘Never A Low’ is our Track of the Day.

When one of your favourite artists announces a new album two things normally happen. First up, is the natural excitement at hearing new music and enjoying the band once again. Secondly, the imposing fear that maybe that band you adored is no longer up to scratch suddenly rears its ugly head. Genaghr fans, fret not, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

The album, produced by Bombay Bicycle Club’s Jack Steadman, will arrive via Liberator Music on January 31st. Then in just a few short weeks after that, Genaghr will be back on tour, with the brilliant Fake Laugh also on board.

The new song arrives after the releases of ‘Heavenly Maybe’ and ‘Everything & More’ have already mapped out a new path for Genaghr. The new record, Sanctuary, will land with the band in intoxicating, full-flow evolution. ‘Never A Low’ is yet another firm foot forward for the band determined to expand their artistry wherever possible.

About the song, the band said: “Experimentation, collaboration and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones is at the core of this album and in the process of making Sanctuary. Our sound and the way we work together has really evolved, and ‘Never A Low’ is the track which for us which best represents the results of this change.”

It sees the band expressing themselves more radically than ever before, expanding on their already textured portfolio of sonics, Genaghr are reaching their pinnacle.