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Gengahr announce new album 'Where Wildness Grows' with new single 'Mallory'

Following last month’s come back track ‘Carrion’ we have another dose of indie-pop medicine to make Monday feel a little better, from the always genteel Gengahr.

The new track ‘Mallory’ is taken from their upcoming album Where Wildness Grows. The new album will be out on Transgressive on March 9th, and based on this latest effort it will be another feather in the cap for a band looking to firmly make their way.

In a press release Felix Bushe said “The journey has been far from straight-forward up until now and in many ways we are an altogether different band than the one that wrote A Dream Outside. Over the past two years we have given everything in order to create an album that would meet all our ambitions, fulfilling our vision of what Gengahr is now. It’s been grueling at times, but like a caterpillar entering metamorphosis you know the moment of darkness will be outshone by the transformation. There were certainly times along the way when frustrations grew and it seemed as if our vision for the album would shatter entirely.

“We spent almost 3 months recording a version of the album that would eventually end up making us feel a little uncomfortable in our own skin. Having to reset, take stock and go at it again wasn’t easy, but we were confident in the songs we had. That is always the most important thing as an artist, above anything else. We are incredibly proud of the record we have made and beyond excited to release it into the world for others to enjoy. “

Drink it all up then, Gengahr are throwing us thirsty lot some refreshment on the new album. Take a listen to ‘Mallory’ below.