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(Credit: Sony/Eon)


Suggestive gay hint almost dropped from James Bond 'Skyfall'


Taking place in the enigmatic family home of the iconic character, Skyfall is a landmark James Bond film that teasingly draws back the curtain behind the character’s origins, enough to glimpse and prompt speculation without removing the shroud of mystery the agent preserves. The iconic film, at one point, hints to a previous gay experience that the classic character once had, with Barbara Broccoli, the longstanding Bond producer, recently revealing this moment was almost cut. 

The particular scene sees Bond strapped to a chair whilst Javier Bardem’s villain Raoul Silva interrogates him, “You’re trying to remember your training now. What’s the regulation to cover this? Well, first time for everything I guess,” he suggestively utters. “What makes you think this is my first time?” Bond responds.

Speaking out about the scene in a new Apple TV+ documentary Being James Bond, Broccoli stated, “I remember we were told to cut that line by the studio…We said, ‘No, no, no.’ We resisted”. Continuing Broccoli went on to say that the decision was ultimately rewarded during the London premiere, “That line, just the whole place rocked it then… I remember looking at the studio executive [and] going, ‘See, told you’”. 

Billie Eilish is the latest music superstar to add their name to the illustrious list of James Bond theme performers, joining iconic singers Paul McCartney, Jack White, Shirley Bassey and so many more who have taken on the theme song.

Eilish, who wrote the theme for No Time To Die with her brother Finneas, previously said of the opportunity: “It feels crazy to be a part of this in every way. To be able to score the theme song to a film that is part of such a legendary series is a huge honour. James Bond is the coolest film franchise ever to exist. I’m still in shock”.

The release of the final film of Daniel Craig’s tenure as the British spy is almost upon film fans, with No Time to Die due to come out in cinemas on September 30 2021.