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(Credit: Gage Skidmore)


‘Game Of Thrones’ actor Maisie Williams announces new film podcast

Maisie Williams, the actor most commonly recognised for her role on the supremely popular television series Game Of Thrones, has launched a brand new movie podcast.

Entitled Frank Film Club, Williams will work alongside three other women whose profession is within the film industry. In what is a deep dive into the world of cinema, the podcast will look at a wide range of films from independent, classic, blockbuster and foreign film.

Sitting alongside Williams in the studio will be filmmaker Lowri Roberts, producer Chloe Culpin, and casting director Hannah Marie Williams. New episodes will be released every week on Tuesdays and Fridays.

“This is your new favourite film club. Four women who work in film, talking about films. Sometimes we love ‘em, sometimes we hate ‘em, sometimes,” the podcast bio explains. “We don’t know wtf we just watched. From shots and edits to casting and score, we unpack little-known indies, box office smashes, documentaries, foreign language and everything in between. Join us twice a week, every week – anything goes and everyone’s welcome.”

Discussing the project, Williams said: “We really wanted to make a space where there’s no pressure to speak about film in a certain way, where we could be ourselves and enjoy the freedom of the discussion.

“Frank Film Club is a place where you didn’t have to study film to have an opinion. We’re so grateful and excited to share it with listeners everywhere.”

See the podcast intro, below.