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Gambles - You Won't Remind It

Gambles has shared his brand new video for ‘You Won’t Remind It’ which appears on his forthcoming EP entitled I Can’t Keep Still When It Comes To You.

The video itself focuses on Chris, a homeless fellow that Gambles’ frontman Matthew Daniel Siskin has known for the last three years. Siskin has collaborated with filmmaker Joe Wehner who suggested that Chris dons a GoPro camera in a bid to produce an insightful, jarring and beautiful reflection of a man on the streets.

“For 16 years, Chris lived between Versace and Vera Wang on Mercer Street. We’ve been friends for the past three; long conversations about his experiences, where he was from, his brother he lost touch with 35 years ago,” explains Siskin. “The video functions as a mirror that flips our perspective and makes us aware of how easy it can be to look another man in the face yet erase his presence.”

I Can’t Keep Still When It Comes To You will see its worldwide digital release via Gamble’s own GMBLS Imprint (through Secretly Canadian) on April 28th, also embarking on a month of shows across North America and Canada, followed by a long stretch across the UK and Europe through May.

As if he hasn’t been busy enough, Siskin has also set up a website to house all EP related content, it’s something you can write and edit yourself – a fully collaborative website.

“I’m sick of websites telling me what to do and where to leave a comment, you can go write whatever you want, drag around, play with it – just please don’t change the tour dates since I want people to come to the shows.”

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