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Gambles - Song For Jeff Baum Jr

This is normally the point of the day where not only does Far Out treat your ears to a piece of predictably fantastic poetic poundings, we also like to treat you to a bit of information about said poet/s. Unfortunately with today’s Track Of The Day you will just have to settle for the former because the fantastic Song For Jeff Baum Jr is by the wonderful yet elusive Gambles.

Spearheaded by the whimsical Matthew Daniel Siskin, this project, based in NYC,  seem intent on confusing and evoking their audience in equal measures. If you go to Gambles Tumblr page other than zoomed in text and badly pixelated pictures of President Obama, you will find one enlightening sentence to tell you all you need know about Gambles: “There is no pattern to any of this”.

But I think that would be unfair on the incredible lyricism and poetic poise that Siskin demonstrates from the moment he sings; with a hoarse throated shake that has the shimmer of Dylan without trying to impersonate him. From the very beginning of this harrowing tale of life slipping between our auteur’s fingers, fingers that elegantly pluck and pull heart strings and guitar strings with utter veracity and unashamed vulnerability.

Dedicated and written about one of the Boston Marathon bombing victims; Jeff Bauman whom lost his legs during the attack, Siskin manages to personalise a national tragedy whilst painting a solidifying social picture of a generation.

The track is 2:09 of youth staring in to the abyss of aged agony and the cold reality of morning breaking through the drifting night. As personal as the song may appear it also has a helplessly unifying sentiment that should not be lost amongst the heroism it depicts. It’s true folk and it’s truly brilliant.


Jack Whatley