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Future - Stay


May 15th saw the fifteenth year anniversary since the tragic and untimely death of Rob Gretton, the famous Factory Records collaborator most known for managing two Far Out favorites of time gone by, Joy Division and New Order.

As well as overseeing the success (depending on who/what you know) of the labels’ prominent performers Gretton, ever the pioneer, was always looking to introduce new bands to the mercurial Mancunian mix; Section 25, Crispy Ambulance, Minny Pops and the Happy Mondays, to name but a few, were all brought in under the innovative eye of the man many would say played a pivotal role in creating the immortal ‘Manchester sound’.

So, channelling the spirit of a city’s finer past and in true Rob Gretton style, we’re proud to introduce Parisian three piece outfit Future and their cold, New wave inspired effort ‘Stay’ as the Track of the Day.

Signed to purveyors of impeccable taste Anywave (the label that brought/brings us Schonwald et al), Future have been going about their dark, electronic injected business since 2012; reverberating near all vocal they encounter, painting a sinister, sexy sonic landscape and simultaneously scrawling a feverish musical tattoo across my heart.

Check out Stay, and the other night crawling numbers taken from the group’s March four track album release ‘Stay Behind’, when you get the chance as you just might like it. I’ll be honest though… we don’t care if you don’t.

Merci Future.