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Credit: Florian Koppe


Future Islands share brand new single 'Peach'

Future Islands - 'Peach'

Baltimore art-rockers Future Islands have shared a brand new single, ‘Peach’. It’s the band’s first original song released in 2021.

True story: The first time I heard Future Islands, despite their home base being roughly fifty kilometres from my house, was on the soundtrack to MLB The Show 2021, the fantastic baseball video game. Me and my roommates determined that the band’s ‘For Sure’ was the only good song on the soundtrack (which isn’t true: ‘Slam!’ by Onyx is a banger, no matter what my friends say).

What immediately struck me was the tone of Samuel T. Herring’s voice. It was so bizarre and unique unto itself that it became instantly memorable, and the synth-pop sounds that were backing him up perfectly fit the half-robotic, half-foreign articulation of his words that was almost Shakespearean in its dramatic resonance.

‘Peach’ retains many of the elements that I really liked in ‘For Sure’: driving rhythms, bass-heavy mixing, bloopy synths that don’t grate or irritate, and, of course, Herring. The band has perfected the pairing of icy new wave and emphatic emotional rock and roll, and ‘Peach’ is just the latest in a long line of great songs.

It doesn’t appear as if ‘Peach’ is indicative of any additional new music from Future Islands on their horizon. 

Their latest LP, As Long As You Are, came out in October of last year, so the chances that this is a one-off rather than a quick return to the studio is likely. Still, new music from Future Islands is always welcome, and hopefully, it leads them to cutting another album sooner rather than later.

Check out the audio for ‘Peach’ down below.