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(Credit: Press / Bella Howard)


Fryars releases new single 'Pair of Dancers'

Fryars - 'Pair of Dancers'

English art-pop singer Fryars has released the latest preview of his upcoming LP God Melodies with the new single ‘Pair of Dancers’.

Like his previous single ‘Moscow’, ‘Pair of Dancers’ features the artist’s wife Rae Morris contributing to the vocals. The song takes an insular look at crafting your own utopian haven away from the rest of the world. Fryars real-life home situation is said to have informed the song’s content.

In typically spacey fashion, Fryars describes the song thusly: “‘Dancing coming through, we don’t care about anybody else in the room’. A song about great relationships having the capacity to be deeply antisocial. Rae and I singing about being in a bubble, 24/7, work sleep play…now joined by a very small third. ‘I don’t make plans with friends and when I do they fall through.'”

Look, I’m happy for Fryars and his domestic bliss, but he’s just not for me. The goofy hand-drawn animation aesthetic, the hippy-dippy pseudo-philosophy, the watered-down pop-rock, it’s all… fine.

But never anything better than just fine. Even worse, I can’t help but read lines such as “we got things to do/We don’t care about anybody else” as ever-so-slightly condescending. It’s the same feeling I got when he was trying to spread his peace and love message on ‘Moscow’. It rubs me the wrong way. It feels contrived and forced. If you happen to like it, more power to you, but I have yet to get on the Fryars hype train.

Check out the audio for ‘Pair of Dancers’ down below. God Melodies is set for a July 16 release date.

God Melodies tracklisting:

1. God Melodies
2. Moscow
3. 49
4. Pair Of Dancers
5. Lionel
6. Orange Juice
7. I Won’t Hurry Love
8. Your Parade
9. Wonder
10. Feeling Lonely Is A Shadowy Glow
11. Quail’s Egg No.1 In C Sharp Major