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(Credit: Press / Bella Howard)


Fryars release new song 'Moscow'

Fryars ft. Raw Morris - 'Moscow'

English art pop singer Fryars has released the latest preview of his upcoming LP God Melodies with the new single ‘Moscow’.

“’Moscow’ is a warning to the inhabitants of planet earth to come together or else alien forces are likely to get the better of us,” Fryars explains. “If this record survives the invasion, the extraterrestrials will no doubt smile and nod when they listen. Not necessarily to the beat, as they may comprehend rhythm entirely differently.”

The song comes with a trippy and transcendental video that featured participation from individuals from around the world. I’m assured that these are actual fans and not just actors on green screens, but excuse me for being sceptical, not because of the videos look or global reach of Fryars, but because how the hell did Fryars’ team get this organized in the COVID age? I need answers!

“They heard the call to arms in their hundreds and picked up their smartphones and paper cups for which I’m very grateful. The video shows people around the world trying to spread the message of peace and unity, in order to save the youth of tomorrow (inside Rae’s stomach).”

Oh, well I guess that’s kind of an answer. Anyway, the song is a delicious slice of indie pop, one with a killer hook from Rae Morris that has the ability to implant itself inside your brain for hours upon hours. Whether Fryars is correct in his assertion that “the single biggest threat to human kind is hate” or not is hereforto unconfirmed. I thought it was this whole pandemic thing, but hate is pretty egregious as well.

Check out the video for ‘Moscow’, along with the track listing for God Melodies, down below.

God Melodies tracklisting:

1. God Melodies
2. Moscow
3. 49
4. Pair Of Dancers
5. Lionel
6. Orange Juice
7. I Won’t Hurry Love
8. Your Parade
9. Wonder
10. Feeling Lonely Is A Shadowy Glow
11. Quail’s Egg No.1 In C Sharp Major