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From the Vault: Mark Hollis - 'Mark Hollis' 1998


From the Vault: Mark Hollis - 'Mark Hollis' 1998

You would have needed to be living in a cave in 1986 to avoid Talk Talk’s ‘Life’s What You Make It’, but, that single aside, the band managed to miss my radar throughout their (semi) illustrious career.

In other words, Mark Hollis’s solo album came to me with no baggage, no real point of past reference, and as a consequence it stunned me. This mainly self written and entirely self produced album is a thing of real beauty: wonderfully arranged songs, whispered, aching vocals, feathered percussion, understated keyboards, a lo-fi masterpiece.

Whilst the lyrical content is certainly low key, Hollis doesn’t revel in his won angst but rather tries to find hope in it. This is an album of quiet joy, a minimalist gem.

Hollis refused to tour after its release, expressing the view that everything that he needed to say had already been said on this album. He was right.