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(Credit: Rob De Martin)


From Bob Dylan to Marvin Gaye: Barack Obama's favourite songs to sing in the shower


There’s a certain authority most people have after holding the highest office in the land that means the whole room turns in awe whenever you enter it. Usually, being President of the United States offers a sense of grandeur that would mean you would allow them to do as they pleased. But how many presidents would you let grab the aux and put on a playlist to get the party moving? The answer, of course, is just one — Barack Obama.

While we’re sure Jimmy Carter loved his fair share of rock gold, and Richard Nixon likely had an absolutely fire-breathing country playlist, Obama is clearly the man to turn to when it comes to tunes. In fact, the former president has shared plenty of different playlists over the years; his latest sees Obama sharing the songs he likes to sing in the shower.

The playlist isn’t just a throwaway musing from one of the most powerful men in the world; it has been released in conjunction with the new that Obama and The Boss Bruce Springsteen are set to launch a brand new podcast titled: Renegades: Born in the USA.

The first episode landed on Monday, and, within it, we get another insight into the world of Barack Obama as he revealed he sings in the shower continuously. “I sing in the shower, I sing outside of the shower. I am unembarrassed about singing,” he chuckled before confirming, “My daughters and my wife sometimes roll their eyes”.

Naturally, when a former president confirms how much and who they like to sing in the shower, it’s going to get a lot of attention, and it didn’t take long for Spotify to create a playlist of the songs mentioned.

As you might expect, the playlist is pure fire and packed with some classic tunes. As well as the titular song from Springsteen, there was also a nod to The Beatles and their unifying song ‘Come Together’ as well as Marvin Gaye’s track ‘What’s Going On’, Beyonce’s ‘Freedom’ and some more unusual picks too.

Listen to Barack Obama’s shower songs, below.