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Friendly Fires crash back with 'Love Like Waves'


Friendly Fires burst on to the scene over 7 years ago now. Putting a huge cocktail umbrella in the indie dirge scene and turning pints and trilbys in to something a little more tropical. They did so with the kind of youthful nonchalance which only makes you want more.

That was a long time ago now though and one does worry how they would look against what 2018 has to offer. But within the first few notes of brand new track ‘Love Like Waves’, MacFarlane’s decidedly original vocals takes us on a brand new journey.

Equipped with some sashaying hips and a few pingers, Firendly Fires quickly take the reins on a brand new trip to sunnier worlds. The groove is still there in spades and the band’s nose for a pop-hook looks far form being tired.

This could quite easily be the band’s most pop-savvy track and looks set to put the nation back on their deck chairs with the sand between their feet this summer. Which is lucky, ‘cos God knows we’ll need the sun!