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(Credit: Friedberg)


Friedberg share new video for single 'Yeah'


Friedberg, the supremely cool alt-rock quartet, have released a new video. ‘Yeah’ is the truncated title track to Friedberg’s EP Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah, yes that’s eight in all, which the band released earlier this year.

“‘Yeah’ is my personal anthem for letting go – of everything and anything,” band leader Anna Friedberg explains. “From voices in your head, pictures popping up and patterns you have learnt. When we wrote the song we were just dancing to the groove in the studio until all those voices and things disappeared and basically only the yeahs, the beat and bassline remained. Dancing yourself clean I suppose.”

Take note kids: being an expert musician, arranger, or producer requires one crucial skill, subtraction. Keep it simple, stupid. Key into what works and what doesn’t work in your song, and if only the bass and the beat work, then that’s what you base the song around. Open space is your friend, and you don’t have to fill your backing track with sound effects of random noises and buzz. This philosophy is what created the best rock and roll, and Friedberg has the bravery to let the song stand on its own without any unnecessary distractions.

Funky, and incessantly catchy, ‘Yeah’ is pure simplicity and its best. With a verse riding that killer bass line to the nonsensical chanting of the EP’s title phrase, the song is a weapons grade ear worm, hanging around just long enough to make an impact but checking out before it wears out its welcome. It all comes back to those “pair it back” ethos. Any song smart enough to know that it should be sub three minutes long is good with me. That’s the kind of self-awareness that I don’t see a lot in music.

Oh by the way, if you didn’t know, Friedberg is an awesome band. ‘Go Wild’, ‘Lizzy’, ‘BOOM’. All killer tunes. Here’s to a career full of them.