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(Credit: Sotheby's)


Take a virtual tour of Frida Kahlo’s Mexico City home


While inclusive cultural experiences becoming a tricky aspect of current life in lockdown, the Frida Kahlo Museum in Mexico City launched a 360-degree virtual tour of the artist’s former home and garden.

Kahlo, the iconic Mexican painter who is arguably best known for her many portraits and self-portraits, now has arguably the most recognisable face in the world of art. Despite passing away in 1957, much of Kahlo’s work remained relatively unknown until the late 1970s when it was discovered by art historians and political activists.

Reflecting on Kahlo’s work, author and British art historian Frances Borzello said: “As with all the best artists, Kahlo’s art is not a diary ingenuously presented in paint but a recreation of personal beliefs, feelings and events through her particular lens into something unique and universal,” in a study of her work.

The house, which is known as the ‘Casa Azul’ which translates in English to ‘Blue House’, is a location Kahlo lived for the majority of her life and, more fittingly, is where the artist created a large number of her most iconic works.

Given its historical significance, Casa Azul has become a major tourist attraction in Mexico and still includes many of her personal possessions, works by her husband Diego Rivera, a number of different original furniture items and in total, holds over 300 pieces of Kahlo’s belongings.

The new virtual exhibition, which has been titled ‘Appearances Can Be Deceiving’, offers a professional and personal glimpse of the life of the brilliant Frida Kahlo.

You can video the virtual tour of Casa Azul, here.