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Fraser A. Gorman Releases 'Shiny Gun' Video with Courtney Barnett Cameo

Aussie singer/songwriter Fraser A. Gorman has been part of the Milk! Records set upfor a while now and with his latest track and video, why are all starting to see why Courtney Barnett has so much faith in him.

Gorman admits he straddles a fine line between being inspired by and adoring American culture but as his Dylan tinged sound rings ‘Shiny Gun’ you can let him off it. Taken from his forthcoming LP Slow Gum released on Barnett’s Milk! Records.

Barnett features on the Anchorman-style video for ‘Shiny Gun’ as a sports correspondent in the 70’s newsroom mise-en-scene. Hilarity ensues but Gorman’s talent is no joke.

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